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Turkish, Hungarian culture ministers inaugurate museum in Tekirdag

Turkish, Hungarian culture ministers inaugurate museum in Tekirdag
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Culture and Tourism Minister Ertugrul Gunay and his Hungarian counterpart Istvan Hiller yesterday inaugurated the Rakoczi Museum, newly restored by the Hungarian government, in Tekirdag, northwestern Turkey. Hiller told the reopening ceremony that the museum is situated in the house that Hungarian Prince Rakoczi Ferench II (1676-1735) lived out the last years of his life after fighting for his people's liberation. Hiller called the museum a cultural bridge between Turkey and Hungary . Mentioning how both Istanbul and Pecs , Hungary share the honor of being European Capitals of Culture 2010, Hiller said tourism is another bridge between the two countries. In related news, Hiller will present Gunay an order of merit for his contributions to preserving and renovating artifacts belonging to Hungarian culture. Gunay and Hiller are set to attend several opening ceremonies in the southern Anatolian province of Osmaniye today. During their visit to an exhibition center at Osmaniye's Cebel-i Bereket Museum, Hiller will present his country's order of merit to Gunay. In Osmaniye, Gunay and Hiller are also expected to visit the province's governor and the city's mayor, as well as other museums. 


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