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Gul expresses confidence about Turkey's future

Gul expresses confidence about Turkey's future
Everybody should see the wrong-headedness of recent political decisions on the Armenian allegations about the incidents of 1915, President Abdullah Gul said yesterday. Asked about a resolution passed by a US congressional panel and a similar bill adopted by the Swedish Parliament, both labeling the incidents a "gencoide," Gul told reporters during a visit to the Aegean province of Isparta that such resolutions mean nothing to the Turkish people. "All these decisions are wrong and they constitute a great injustice to the science of history," he said. Gul said that politicians and people lacking historical expertise should not try to adjudicate historical issues. "We place great importance on peace, stability and cooperation in the Caucasus. Solving all problems in the region carries great importance towards this end," Gul said. "I hope everybody will see the inaccuracy of such political decisions, which will only harm peace and stability in the long term." Asked about the possibility of a major constitutional reform package, Gul said, "If Parliament shows the necessary will, anything could happen." Stating that Turkey has been going through a great transformation process, Gul said, "Compared to the past two decades, very big changes can be seen in Turkey. Problems sometimes arise, but all of them are things that will be overcome and left behind." 


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