Turkish cinema week in French capital marks 10th edition


The 10th edition of the annual Paris Turkish Cinema Week will begin on Saturday and will feature screenings of a selection of the most recent Turkish movies from May 18 to 26, the Anatolia news agency reported. Organized by L'Assemblée Citoyenne des Originaires de Turquie (Association of Citizens of Turkish Origin) (L'ACORT), in collaboration with the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and several other institutions, the event will feature nine films from Turkey. Emin Alper's multiple award-winning debut feature "Tepenin Ardi " (Beyond the Hill), telling the story of a bitter feud between two families; Yilmaz Erdogan's critically acclaimed latest movie "Kelebegin Ruyası" (The Butterfly's Dream), recounting the lives of Zonguldak-based poets Rustu Onur and Muzaffer Tayyip Uslu in the 1940s; and Reis Celik's "Lal Gece" (Night of Silence), exploring the tragedy of child brides through the story of a 14-year-old girl forced to marry an old man, are among the highlights of Turkish Cinema Week. All the films will be screened at Paris' famed multiplex theater, Les 3 Luxembourg.