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World entrepreneurs to convene in Istanbul next month

World entrepreneurs to convene in Istanbul next month
Around 300 investors and financiers from around the world will converge in Istanbul next month. The European Business Angels Network (EBAN) will hold its 10th annual congress at Istanbul's WOW Hotel on April 15-16, in Turkey's first time hosting an EBAN congress. The congress will bring together members of Europe's biggest investment and finance organizations. Under the theme of "A crossroad for continents, cultures and early stage investors," this year's event will be hosted by the Middle East Technical University's Technopolis' Business Angel Network (METUTECH-BAN). The event aims to share best practices, raise awareness and build relations among thousands of investors and other financial actors involved in closing the equity gap and interested in collaborating and investing together. Previous congresses have been hosted by Germany, Italy, France, Portugal, the Netherlands and Spain. The European trade association for business angels, seed funds, and other early stage market players, EBAN serves business angels, business angel networks, seed funds and other early stage investment professionals across Europe. It brings together over 100 member organizations in 27 countries. EBAN is the networking platform enabling its members to stay on top of trends in the early stage investment market in Europe, build new relationships, new business opportunities by networking with peers across borders, get answers to day-to-day challenges, access the resource center and get ongoing capacity building opportunities, and be represented under one voice representing the interests of early stage investors near European policy makers.


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