First Paper Museum opens in Nortwestern province


The Ibrahim Muteferrika Paper Museum, Turkey's first paper museum, opened in the northwestern province of Yalova on May 25. An opening ceremony took place in Raif Dinckok Culture Center, attended by Yalova governor Esengul Civelek and Yalova Mayor Yakup Kocal. "In our history, Ibrahim Muteferrika is a very important character. We tried to make the museum a place that everyone can visit and enjoy. There is also a paper manufacturing shop here," he said. Noting that next year they would be opening a Migration Museum and Turkish World Poets Museum, Kocal said, "Our aim is to have six or seven museums in Yalova. These museums are important to establish the city's identity." "All over the world people spend most of their time in the museums," he added. Yalova governor Esengul Civelek said the first printing house was established in Yalova's Elmalik Village and the first printer of the Ottoman era, Ibrahim Muteferrika, took the papers from this printing house in the ancient times. The paper museum will house the mockups of the printers from the Yalakabad Printing House and papers will be created with the printer in the museum. The museum is very important not only for Yalova but for all Turkey, added Civelek.