Simsek makes a presentation on outlook of Turkish economy in parliament


Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek on Tuesday made a presentation on outlook of Turkish economy in the Parliament. Stating that Turkey’s budget of 2013 focuses on economic and social development, prioritizes education and health, aims to boost social welfare and protects economic and financial stability, Simsek said that Turkey’s economy was continuing to go through a successful soft-landing process. Simsek added that next year’s budget spending was estimated at a total of 404 billion Turkish Liras, while revenue was expected to amount to 307.1 billion Turkish Liras, producing a deficit of 33.9 billion Turkish Liras. As part of Turkey’s budget of 2013, the highest share has been granted to education at 68.1 billion Turkish Liras, which is followed by health at 67.9 billion Turkish Liras.