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Zafer Airport opend by Erdogan

Zafer Airport opend by Erdogan

Speaking at the opening ceremony of Zafer Airport in western province of Kutahya on Sunday, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey should follow in its ancestors' footsteps and go everywhere they have travelled to. Stating that Zafer Airport, the first regional airport which has been built with the build-transfer-operate method was constructed in 18 months rather than 36 months, Erdogan said, "From now on, Turkish citizens living in Belgium will be able to directly fly from there." Erdogan also criticized the opposition for asking what Turkey was doing in Gaza, Syria and Sudan, saying that Turkey has no eyes on any country's land. "We want stability in the region as much as we want stability in our homeland. We always side with dialogue to solve problems, but if there is a threat against our country then we will not refrain from taking the necessary precautions. We will not remain silent," Erdogan said.



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