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China Today's Turkish edition launched

China Today's Turkish edition launched

The Chinese ambassador to Turkey, Gong Xiaosheng, hosted a reception at the Ankara Hilton Hotel to celebrate the launch of the China Today magazine’s Turkish edition.

Members of Parliament, including State Minister Zafer Caglayan, officials from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Trade, China International Publishing Group President Zhou Mingwei, China Today President Gong Xixiang, Dijitek Group CEO Sadi Zengin and prominent industrialists engaged in business deals with China also made an appearance at the event. Zengin, whose group co-publishes China Today’s Turkish edition, explained the rationale of the Turkish and Chinese governments for publishing the magazine and its line of publication, introduced the magazine’s administrators and answered questions from members of the press. China Today is accepted as one of the most prestigious and reliable publications on China and is currently published in Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Arabic and German. The magazine intends to provide first-hand information to the Turkish public about China’s economy, culture and society. While the main subject of China Today’s Turkish edition is economics and its target audience is the Turkish business world, the magazine also covers Chinese culture, philosophy, geography and language. China Today’s Turkish edition is the first Turkish-language Chinese magazine in Turkey.



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