Cicek sends letter to over 50 countries


Parliament Speaker Cemil Cicek sent a letter on Tuesday to parliaments of over 50 countries and presidents of international assemblies in order to push them to take action to put an end to the bloodshed in Syria and to accelerate the transition period in Egypt. "The negative developments in both Syria and Egypt will not be encouraged by the inaction of the international community. There will be dangerous results of not displaying a joint and determined position against anti-democracy struggles," the letter said, adding, "It is an urgent priority for the international community to determine a common position aiming at preserving human rights and freedoms for the latest developments in Egypt and Syria." The letter also stated that the democratic process started in North Africa and the Middle East at the end of 2010 had made everyone in the world hopeful for the development of democracy, fundamental rights and freedoms.  "It is certain that we, as elected representatives, will make a major contribution to the people in the Middle East for their struggle for democracy," it emphasized, "Our parliaments have a historic responsibility. We would like an order in which people are not discriminated against based on their religions, languages, races and sects, and have equal rights."