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Clinton praises Turkey's increasing role

Clinton praises Turkey's increasing role

Speaking at the Turkish-American Council (ATC) conference yesterday, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that Turkey's increasing role both in its region and the world was a welcome development. Clinton said that Turkey could be proud of its economy which is the 17th largest one in the world, adding that this story is very well-known and defined as the "Turkish miracle" by some people, but that its strategic implications was probably less understood. "Accordingly, I would like to pay your attention to four factors: Firstly, strong relations between Turkey and the US have contributed to Turks' welfare. Secondly, the economic growth in Turkey should further strengthen our partnership in return for this. Thirdly, Turkey should strengthen its democracy at home, and promote peace and stability in its region so that it could realize its full potential. Fourthly, Turkey's economic leadership could be a driving force for progress across the region," said Clinton.


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