Govt salary hike offer disapoints public employees


In collective bargaining talks yesterday between the government and unions representing more than 2 million public workers, the government proposal for a 7.6 percent salary increase for next year fell far short of labor demands. State Minister Murat Basesgioglu led the talks. Speaking to reporters, Kamu-Sen President Bircan Akyildiz objected to the hike being based on the government's inflation target. Memur-Sen head Ahmet Gundogdu, meanwhile, said the proposed hike didn't meet public employees' expectations. Memur-Sen is seeking a 12 percent wage hike starting next January. If the parties reach a consensus by tomorrow, their agreement will be submitted to the Cabinet. Otherwise, the Supreme Board of Arbitration (YHK) will set a wage hike, subject to the Cabinet's final approval.