Japan bids to build nuclear power plant in Turkey


Japan has submitted a bid to construct a nuclear energy power plant in Turkey through the mediation of Toshiba, Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz has said. Speaking at a press conference after receiving a delegation from Toshiba in Ankara on Thursday, the minister said the Japanese delegates submitted a letter from the Japanese economy, trade and industry minister that delineated possible areas of cooperation in Turkey’s energy sector. "We see this offer from Japan as an important bid in terms of our efforts to construct nuclear power plants in Turkey. However, we told them that we cannot give them a definite answer before concluding our negotiations with South Korea," Yildiz said. Turkey is in the final phase of negotiations with South Korea in building a power plant in Sinop province, which borders the Black Sea, and recently signed an international agreement with Russia to build another plant in Mersin province, along the Mediterranean Sea. Yildiz said Turkey currently has no plans to build a third plant. In response to a question, the minister said Turkey has received no bid whatsoever from the US concerning the construction of nuclear power plants, adding that they were open to proposals from the US and France. Japanese Ambassador to Turkey Nobuaki Tanaka also delivered a brief speech at the meeting, particularly underlining Japan’s rising interest in Turkey’s energy arena, especially in nuclear and renewable projects. The offer includes the formation of a consortium of companies gathered under the leadership of Toshiba, he said, adding that the US company Westinghouse will also be included in this consortium.