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Mutlu: My responsibilty is to look after young people in Gezi Park

Mutlu: My responsibilty is to look after young people in Gezi Park

Istanbul Governor Huseyin Avni Mutlu appeared at a press briefing yesterday, accompanied by Istanbul Police Chief Huseyin Capkin and Gendarmerie Province Chief Col. Mehmet Artar. Speaking at the press conference, Mutlu said that the riot police would continue operations against marginal groups in Taksim Square day and night until it was cleared. "The state has opened Taksim Square after 15 days; from today I plead with our dear people not to be in the square until the process in which the security of the square is ensured." Mutlu said that they would continue their measures in an uninterrupted manner, whether day or night, until marginal elements are cleared and the square is opened to the people. Avni also warned the groups that clashed with the police that their response would be stronger, saying, "The unshakable power of our state and nation will fall upon the marginal groups." Calling on the families of young people occupying Gezi Park for the past two weeks to remove their children, Mutlu said, "My responsibility is to look after all the young people in Gezi Park. There are serious intelligence reports that show there are security problems related to the lives of our dear children." Mutlu also said that he wanted to share with everyone that we are facing very serious attempts that marginal groups wanted to carry out and that the fire was threatening to encircle everyone. "From this moment on, the unshakeable power of our state and our nation will be shown on marginal groups by our police forces with commitment," Mutlu added. Police began using teargas and water cannon on Tuesday morning in an attempt to clear it but clashes continued into the evening.



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