Restorations continue at Akdamar Church


The restoration works at the Akdamar Church on Van Lake's Akdamar Island, which has become a monument museum, have started. Structures like the monastery and chapel, which were unearthed during archaeological excavations and supported by sacks filled with rottenstones to prevent destruction, will be restored in six months using hydraulic lime to be brought from Italy. Akdamar Island will also be outfitted with 24-hour security cameras. The first restoration of the church was initiated in May 2005 and ended in July 2006. The church was opened as the Monument Museum on March 29, 2007. The cost of the restoration was 4 million Turkish Liras. Armenians were given permission to worship once a year in the church and the first worship ceremony took place on Sept. 19, 2010. With the technical team, a total of 50 people will work on the restoration and materials will be carried to the island by boat.