Toptan, PM Erdogan release messages marking Victory Week


Ahead of August 30 Victory Day celebrations this Saturday, Parliament Speaker Koksal Toptan and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan yesterday separately released messages marking Victory Week. Both leaders stressed the pivotal nature of the day for Turkish history and called for unity. "The Turkish War of National Independence, which resulted in a great victory, formed the basis of the Turkish Republic , which is now a proud member of the modern world," said the prime minister's message. "The Turkish people will continue to live freely on this land. Our duty is to pass the spirit of independence on to future generations and to make the republic, which is a democratic, secular and social state under the rule of law, surpass the level of contemporary civilizations." August 30 Victory Day marks the War of Independence's final battle in Dumlupinar in 1922, which led to the defeat of the invading Greek army and the creation of the Turkish Republic the following year.